Keynotes / Workshops

Want to bring kinky to your conference, association event, theater company or university? Here is a short-list of Jean’s workshops and keynote talks. Jean will customize her presentation to fit your group’s unique needs.

Keynote Topics:

Coming Out Kinky: Finding the Courage to Live Your Most Authentic Life

In this inspiring talk, Jean gives participants a first-hand glimpse into the complex experience of coming out as a kinky person. The group will be challenged to look at their own lives to bravely identify their own truths and live from their deepest authenticity.

Sexual Esteem: Five Tools for Sexual Acceptance, Wholeness and Celebration

Through the art of dramatic storytelling and dance, Jean shares her story of self-repression and how she finally learned to not only love herself but begin to enjoy her unique sexuality. The group will leave with tools to increase their sexual esteem – a crucial pathway to maturity and happiness.

The Cuddle Nutrient: How to Bring More Touch and Sensuality into Your Life

We live in a touch-starved world and yet touch is a critical element to emotional health and wellbeing. In this experiential talk, Jean will provide the keys to living a life with more sensuality and healthy touch. Participants will explore the ways to increase consensual touch for a healthy, life of connection and wholeness.


The Cherished Goddess: A Womans Workshop for Healing, Feeling and Fun (Rated R)

In this fun and powerful workshop for women, we’ll explore our experiences in being female. We will share stories and laugh and feel together. We’ll do a healing ritual where well symbolically release any negativity or shame held about our beautiful bodies. We’ll look at pictures of women’s  vaginas from all over the world to  appreciate the uniqueness and  diversity we share. Then we’ll get out some paper and markers and create some vaginal art – just for  fun. We will also have a very special, empowering and voluntary  experience called Vagina Gazing. Volunteers within the group would allow the rest of us to look at her vagina with respectful, supporting,  loving attention. There is much power in this practice.

S&M 101: An Introduction to Safe, Sane and Consensual Erotic Exploration (Rated R)

S&M is one of the most misunderstood styles of sexual expression; this class provides a beginners introduction from an experienced teacher in a safe and fun learning environment. Participants will be introduced to bondage, discipline, submission, sadism and masochism with an emphasis on the philosophy of safe, sane and consensual. There will be discussions, demonstrations and even opportunities to volunteer and participate. Its an unforgettable workshop that will cover a lot of ground.

Cuddle Sanctuary: A Workshop for Healthy Touch and Communication (Rated G)

Touch is vital to mental, physical, and emotional health; it heals, invigorates, creates connection, and builds community.
The Cuddle Sanctuary workshop is a guided experience that includes a welcome circle, breath-work, gentle movement, communication exercises and cuddle etiquette. The event culminates in a voluntary cuddle lab. Touch is always consensual and never a requirement to participate. Benefits can include decreased blood pressure, a sense of well-being, increased sense of community, boost in empathy and compassion and deeper sleep.

Kinky Curious: A Workshop of Discovery and Discussion (Rated R)

Ready for an enticing event with an open-minded group? Interested in talking about sex in a safe and welcoming environment? Want to see a portion of the sexy play, Coming Out Kinky? Its going to be an educational and fun session. Well begin with an Opening Circle to create a safe, comfortable environment to talk about sex. Next, Jean will perform a sizzling excerpt of her show about erotic exploration and empowerment Coming Out Kinky! From there, well play The Sexual Bucket List Game A fun way to discover avenues of kinky curiosity. Finally, a few voluntary group members will be invited to share their own sexy stories. (This workshop involves no sexual contact.)