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Sexual esteem, part 5 – sharing your sexual shame

Imagine that you had a list of everything about your sexual history that you’re ashamed of. Would you ever share it with anyone? My name is Jean Franzblau with “Sexual Esteem with Jean” and we’re deep into a process called “The Sexual Shame Inventory.” The Sexual Shame Inventory can include things that have happened to […]

How Can You Explore Kink Confidentially?

There’s a whole population of curious people who are intrigued by kink but are afraid to be “found out.” This post offers four tips for those who’d like to keep their perverted sides private. Don’t Do Your Kinky Research at Work or on a School Computer Most companies have computer policies where they reserve the […]

Sexual Esteem, Part 4 Sexual Shame Inventory

What if everything you’ve ever felt ashamed of in your sexual past could be in some way released? In this series about increasing sexual esteem, its important to pay attention to all the areas where you might feel badly about yourself. Exploring the parts of our sexual histories that are uncomfortable, embarrassing or traumatic can […]

Oh no! Herpes on vacation

I was minutes away from our rendezvous point Penny’s All American Café in Pismo Beach. The word rendezvous has never in my life been as appropriate as this moment. My lover well call him Alphonse as he has an equally delicious French name was coming from the San Francisco area. I was driving from Los […]